Club Constitution
The Club's Constitution sets out the procedures and rules for the administration of the Club. The Club used the Model Constitution issued by NSW Fair Trading as a guide and this document was approved by memebrs at the Annual general meeting in 2012. The Constitution can be read and/or downloaded by clicking on this link: Coomba Aquatic Club Constitution.

Nomination form for the committee
NOMINATION FORM to join the 2017-2018 Committee of the Coomba Aquatic Club Inc.
To nominate yourself or another person in advance of the meeting, please download, complete the following form and submit to the Secretary any time prior to the 2017 AGM.

New members

Applications for membership can be made by downloading the Membership Application form HERE >>
Club membership is available for individuals over the age of 18 only. However, if you have dependent children under 18, they may be included on the application form.

Membership is on a financial year basis and fees are $20.00 . There are no fees for dependent children.  

The application form contains all you need to know, but if you would like to find out more about membership or initate a new application simply contact us.

Membership Renewals
Current members who wish to renew their membership for 2017/18, may download the Membership Renewal form by clicking HERE >>

Please fill in ALL the sections, sign and post it to the address shown on the form. 

Membership fees for 2017/18 are $20.00

By-Law for Code of Conduct and Behaviour
The Club's Committee has approved a By-Law for a Code of Conduct and Behaviour for members of the Club.    The By-Law sets out specific codes of ethical conduct and behaviour explicitly designed to prevent the occurrence of unacceptable behaviour at events organised or held by the Club.
The Code reflects the Club’s values and emphasises the importance of establishing and maintaining a non-discriminatory, fair and safe environment for the Club’s members and guests. The By-Law can be read by clicking on this link: BY-LAW FOR CODE OF CONDUCT AND BEHAVIOUR 
Volunteer Policy 
The Club Committee has approved a Volunteer Policy which assists the Club to make consistent decisions concerning:
treating volunteers equally and fairly; and
assisting volunteers to know where they stand and what they can expect.
The Voluntter Policy can be read by clicking on this link: VOLUNTEER POLICY
Volunteer Code of Conduct
The Volunteer Code of Conduct sets out the standards of behaviour, care and diligence as well as measures that must be avoided by all those who volunteer their time and abilities to assist the Club carry on its activities and events.

The Code of Conduct MUST be signed by everyone who agrees to undertake volunteer duties for the Club BEFORE that person commences any volunteer duties. 

The Code can be read and downloaded by clicking on this link: VOLUNTEER CODE OF CONDUCT.