Restricted Access to: Coomba Aquatic Gardens
Notification of Restricted Access to: Coomba Aquatic Gardens & Club
Gazebo From Thursday 25th May to September 1st, 2017

The Management Committee of The Coomba Aquatic Club wish to advise all Club Members, residents, and visitors, that the Coomba
Aquatic Gardens and the Aquatic Club Gazebo Site, including the Jetty and Public Toilets; will have restricted access through to
early September 2017 to allow for construction of the Club’s new Boatshed and Observation Deck. How will these restrictions effect
those using the site?

    1. The actual footprint of the building site will have a compound/barrier – entry to this area is restricted 24/7 for the entire three months
        to authorised persons. Do not enter this compound/building site without authority. Surveillance Cameras will be deployed, as a requirement
        of Council all breaches of access and theft will be reported.

    2. While work is not occurring, access to the Gazebo & Toilets will remain available.

      a. Work will always cease Fridays from 4.00 PM to Mondays at 7.00 AM; which makes the upper area, upper car parks, Gazebo and
         Toilets available Friday nights & every weekend.
      b. Access to the Jetty will be best from the upper level car park via the new disabled ramp.
      c.The lower level car/trailer parking will be closed for the three months during construction as excavation material will be stored on that site.
        All cars & trailers MUST park on the upper level and along the edge of the driveway. Parking on the lower level is not permitted during the
        three months.
     d. Launching & retrieval of LIGHT craft:- A narrow access road will be open to allow launching & retrieval of LIGHT craft from the
       site on weekends only. Parking on the lower level is not permitted during the three months.

    3. While work is occurring on site: Monday 7.00 AM to Fridays 4.00 PM

    a. At HIGH RISK times, for example when cranes, trucks, excavators, concrete trucks & pumps and unfinished scaffolding are on site,
       the RESERVE will be closed to all but authorised persons & vehicles. A gate has been installed 15 metres in from the entrance, this
       will be closed and clearly signposted – Authorised Access Only. Do not enter the site without authority, this includes pedestrians: -
       contact Chris 0417167701or Peter 0428 542 283 for access. All walking tracks/paths are closed during this period.
    b. On week days, when risk is assessed as LOW RISK, the lower area only will be closed off, including the disabled ramp,
       launching ramp & jetty.
    c.The pedestrian track along Paling Fence Bay, North of the “point stairway” (between the point stairs and the jetty) will be closed
Please ensure you read all safety signage displayed and adhere to instructions. We, the Committee, thank you in advance for your cooperation,
if further detail is required please enquire.
Chris Hutchison
Treasurer Coomba Aquatic Club Inc